Our Retail Practice is focused on strategically applying the disciplines of marketing, strategy, psychology, design, and economics to create above trend performance.

What Makes Our Practice Different:

An integrated team of professionals with experience – and a proven track record – in driving real growth in preference, traffic, and profits, across:

  • Multiple Consumer Categories
  • Multiple Economic Models – Franchised, Corporate Owned & Operated, Blended, Privately Owned and Publicly Traded, etc.
  • Regional, National, and International Footprints

Consulting Services:

Segmentation & Targeting

Identification and exploitation of high-value / high-profit target consumer segments.

  • Proven and Proprietary (qualitative and quantitative) research techniques for identifying target segments of opportunity
  • Economic Modeling and Payback Definition
  • Segment-Specific Positioning and Messaging
  • Day-part Targeting and Growth Strategy
  • Long-term Growth and Segment Expansion Strategy

Case Studies:

Strategic and Growth Planning

Identification and exploitation of under-marketed customer needs and segments, day-parts, product categories, and service offerings.

  • Vision, Mission, and Goals Development
  • Scenario Planning
  • Economic Modeling
  • War Gaming
  • Success Measurement, Tracking and Contingency Planning

Case Studies:

Social Media Strategy

Development of strategies to rapidly build, grow, and PROFIT FROM communities and social media.

  • Application of Social Media Techniques to Build Loyal Customer and Client Communities
  • Measurement, Tracking, and Success Criteria Modeling
  • Development of Social Media-specific Promotion and Loyalty Programs

Case Studies:

Positioning and Messaging

Development of targeted and profitable positioning and messaging, avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” problem endemic to retail marketing.

  • Identification of High Potential Target Segments
  • Unmet / Latent Needs Identification
  • Creative Brainstorming and Message Development

Case Studies:

Industry Areas:

  • Apparel
  • Consumer Financial Services
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics
  • Travel Services