Case Studies: Retail Services

Global Retail Bank Expansion Strategy

A major Asian-based bank was confronted with a range of historical customer bases, strategic priorities, and images in each country, the result of the organic growth over a century of doing business in Asia, India, and the Middle East. With the continuing growth in the regions and the growing needs of corporate clients for “one stop shopping” as those clients expand and integrate their own region-wide operations, the bank sensed a need to consolidate its branding, imagery, and business strategies.


MCAworks completed a series of one-on-one interviews with C-suite and senior clients of the bank throughout Asia, India, and the Middle East. Corporate banking needs were assessed, categorized, and prioritized for economic payback analysis. Armed with the responses and follow-up analysis, MCAworks was able to develop a differentiated positioning and branding strategy. The strategy was validated in follow-up research. MCAworks then developed a detailed execution plan.


The client executed the branding strategy throughout the region and achieved significant growth in corporate business in Asia and the Middle East for several years.