Financial Services

Our Financial Services Practice is comprised of highly experienced marketers and strategists with an acknowledged track record of improving results and performance.

What Makes Our Practice Different:

Rare combination of functional discipline and industry experience, driven by an “outside-in,” customer needs approach.

  • Across consumer/retail, B2B, payments, loyalty programs, investment management, and private banking
  • On-site experience in more than 20 countries
  • Reverence for facts, research data, and information
  • Deep industry knowledge regarding regulations, risk modeling, and economics

Consulting Services:

Strategic Account Planning

Creation and implementation of plans for long-term partnerships between payments, wholesale, and “white label” service providers and their retail and consumer-facing customers.

  • Customer Needs Identification
  • Fact-based Economic and Payback Analysis
  • Consensus-Building among Internal and External Constituencies
  • Tracking, Measurement, and Reevaluation Protocols

Case Studies:

Affluent Consumer Platform Development & Marketing

Deep understanding and research among affluent segment across multiple regions. Development of branded, differentiated programs and products to attract increasing share of affluent wallet.

  • Needs Identification via Proprietary Research Techniques
  • One-on-one, Psychology-inspired Interviewing and Research
  • Creative “Brainstorming” and Product Development Techniques
  • Modeling of Global Standard and Local Imperative Balance
  • Branding and Service Platform Development
  • Detailed Marketing, Media, and Targeting Strategies

Case Studies:

Information Product Development

Development of sell-side research and information products to create measurable added value within overall service platforms.

  • Needs Identification Among Buy-side Analysts, Managers, etc.
  • Detailed Specifications for Product Development
  • Branding and Brand Portfolio Strategy
  • Linkage of Services to Rankings

Case Studies:

Branded Corporate Banking

Development of differentiation strategies for global corporate lending and payments customers.

  • Needs Identification Among Senior and C-suite Corporate Customers
  • Problem Identification, Definition, and Measurement
  • Program Definition
  • Execution Guidelines and Success Tracking

Case Studies:

Employee Satisfaction

One-on-one consultation to determine latent, unstated problems, needs, and issues undermining overall performance.

  • In-depth Personal Interviews, In-person or via Phone
  • Insight Development and Reporting
  • Solution Development
  • Consensus-Building
  • Success Measurement and Tracking

Case Studies:

Industry Areas:

  • Debit / Credit Cards
  • Payments
  • B2B Service Enhancement & Loyalty
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Sell-side Services & Performance
  • Sell-side Research
  • Retail Banking
  • Wholesale Banking
  • Affluent Banking, Investment Management
  • Private Banking
  • Insurance
  • Re-Insurance


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