Case Studies: Retail Services

Fashion and Apparel Industry, Frequent Shopper Identification and Growth Strategy

A large fashion and apparel chain (the largest in its defined category) had reached the limit of its ability to grow solely via new store openings and new product selections. The chain reached out to MCAworks to find other avenues of growth. Notably, the assignment from the client was clear: No changes in branding or graphics, no new categories and/or, stores – find growth WITHIN the current footprint of stores. That is, build same-store sales, period.


MCAworks completed a wide-ranging qualitative and quantitative research effort to identify A) the most frequent, highest-value, “big-spending” target segments and, B) those needs, drivers, and motivations deliver increased trips and spend on their part. Among the research and analysis techniques employed were discriminant & factor analysis, projection, derived importance, and conjoint analysis. The resulting targeting and positioning strategy included a laser-like focus solely on those frequent shoppers, promotion action plans, and detailed direction for the advertising agency on motivations.


The resulting positioning, promotions, and advertising resulted in a record year and doubling of same-store sales.