Case Studies: Retail Services

Global Social Media Strategy, International Franchisor

A major business and consumer services franchisor was confronted with the rise of Social Media as a potential marketing vehicle. In fact, upon review, the company found that it had, in fact, a wide range of social media efforts underway, do solely to the initiative of motivated employees and franchisees around the world. Thus, there was no coherent message and a significant amount of misleading or mis-directional information in the marketplace.


MCAworks surveyed the range of competitive and analogous social media strategies and developed a three-year plan to consolidate efforts into a proactive, leaderships role in social media to utilize the tools of the emerging media to rapidly grow “friends,” loyal customers, and seasonal employees.


The company remains an acknowledged leader in its business category and continues its above-industry growth, while its social media efforts are, for their industry, state-of-the-art.