Our Technology practice focuses on attaining real-time results for established and expanding tech companies.

What Makes Our Practice Different:

Experienced and success in highly competitive and dynamic categories including software, hardware, devices, and telecom.

  • Well-versed in nuances of emerging and disruptive technology as well as enhancing user-experience
  • Extensive B2B and B2C experience
  • Proven track-record of success in launching new offerings and growing existing offerings

Consulting Services:

Value Proposition

True competitive advantage is gained via the articulation and execution of the value which tech companies bring to the marketplace. A customer value proposition (CVP) expresses such value as a unifying overarching idea that will resonate in the minds of key audiences internally and externally. The best CVPs are desired by the marketplace, differentiated vs. direct and emerging competitors, and deliverable over the short- and long-term.

  • Customer Value Proposition Development
  • Competitive Assessment and Defense Planning
  • Innovation and Renovation Planning

Case Studies:

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Marketplace dynamics change near-daily in tech, forcing companies to continually reassert and refresh brands. Too often, brand positioning and messaging development falls short of identifying the set of emotional benefits that will lead to a truly resonating emotional bond with the target. Internally-focused / engineering-thinking is often too caught up in an offering’s functional features and attributes to move beyond them and capture the emotional underpinnings that can potentially drive brand preference and loyalty.

  • Positioning & Message Development
  • Cross-functional Alignment and Implementation Planning Workshops

Case Studies:

Target Segmentation, Marketing Planning, and Launch Strategy

Companies need new approaches to earn customer and consumer respect and advocacy in the ever-changing world of technology. Applying the right amount of disciplined analysis to the best sources of data is necessary to drive smart decision-making and enhanced business performance.

  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Marketing Plan and Budget Development
  • Launch Plan Development

Case Studies:

Industry Areas:

  • Software:
    – Financial
    – Medical
    – Legal
    – Employment/Job Search
    – Logistics
  • Hardware and Devices:
    – Computers
    – Smartphones
    – Tablets
    – Acessories/Peripherals
  • Telecom:
    – Wireless
    – Cable


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