Case Studies: Financial Services

Sub-branded Added Value Service

“Branding,” as generally understood, is considered important to sell-side firms only very occasionally and infrequently, being less important in this B2B category than performance and standings in the periodic rankings. Our sell-side client had developed a service that could be truly differentiating and turned to us for the sophisticated, disciplined marketing needed to brand the service


MCAworks completed series of qualitative research among buy-side personnel, identifying their key needs and, importantly, their impressions of the potential suppliers of this service in question. Simultaneously, MCAworks tapped into our network of analogous B2B clients and contacts to develop a range of best practices solutions. MCAworks then led a series of brainstorming and creative development worksessions, the result of which was a sub-branding strategy – based largely on several of the analogous best practices from other B2B categories – to tie the benefits of the new service directly to the imagery of the parent company.


The client achieved a higher-order level of respect and identification among its own target buy-side clients.