Case Studies: Financial Services

Strategic Account Plans for a Global Payments Network – Post Financial Crisis

In the months following the 2008 crisis, financial institutions faced a radically altered landscape and regulatory environment, leading to near paralysis in strategic planning. A leading supplier to the financial services industry – a global payments processor / network – faced a need to re-think its own account-level strategic plans and to re-engage with those accounts to jointly move forward.


MCAworks followed a two-pronged approach: A) developing, in conjunction with the client, a list of two dozen target global target institutions with whom to engage and, B) creating a standardized, replicable three-month process for completing detailed economic analysis and strategic account plans. MCAworks led the process of developing the plans with client sales and product development teams in North & South America, Europe, and Asia, each of which delivered detailed five-year strategic account plans suitable for presentation to the relevant financial institution.


Detailed, jointly agreed-to and supported plans were developed and instituted in conjunction with major financial institutions around the world, resulting in measurable increases in account loyalty and client market share. Perhaps more importantly, the process itself led to significant “reinvigoration” and morale-boosting among both client and FI personnel in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis.