Case Studies: Financial Services

Long-term Joint Partnership Planning

A major wholesale supplier to the financial services industry had a longstanding history of “reactive” selling and ad hoc problem solving. Indeed, this was their positioning in the marketplace, epitomized by such descriptors as “flexible,” and “responsive.” The firm, however found that this approach made planning – whether on the global stage or on and account- or product-level basis – difficult. MCAworks was engaged to help the firm move to a more proactive, account-level planning approach.


MCAworks accessed our extensive network and research capabilities to benchmark a series of both internal (FI) and external / analogous firms and processes to develop and agreed-to list and detailed understanding of best practices. Based on those best practices and the realities at the client firm, a standardized process for uncovering long-term needs, issues, problems, and plans across a range of the client’s customers and executing jointly agreed-to strategic partnerships with those global customers.


The best practices were – and are – internalized at the client company, leading to reorganization of certain sales processes and support functions. More importantly, longer-term, proactive, jointly remunerative long-term partnerships have been established with target accounts.