John Rosen

John Rosen Photo

John is responsible for client engagements involving new business creation, branding, new product development and channel management. John has over twenty-five years of sales and marketing management, as well as strategic consulting experience. He has helped firms deliver real unit growth both domestically and globally across a wide range of industries: consumer packaged goods, financial services, telecom, small business software solutions, apparel, retailing, electronics, beverages, consumer durables, and automotive & industrial products.

Mr. Rosen currently serves as Treasurer and Board Member of The Drake Group, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to defend academic integrity in higher education from the corrosive aspects of commercialized college sports.

An Adjunct Professor of Economics at The University of New Haven, John is also the co-author of Stopwatch Marketing: Take Charge of the Time When Your Customer Decides to Buy, published in January, 2008.

Prior Experience

Before his consulting career, John worked at Quaker Oats, Coors Beer, Mattel Toys, and Simon & Schuster Books.


John received his B.S. from Washington & Lee University and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University.